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Be part of the world's first underwater magic show.

Dive 4 Life presents Paul Nathan and Martin Mall starring in a new magic show unlike anything ever attempted before.

"The most dangerous magician in the world!" CBS Evening Magazine

One night only. Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

Two shows 7:30 and 8:45pm

Admission limited so get your tickets now.

Click here for tickets to at dive4life. Book a regular ticket for this evening at the regular price. Then send them an email letting them know that you want to see the magic show. There is no extra charge for this very special event.

Enter the underwater world of delightful magic, breath-taking endeavors, and torturous sleight-of-hand. Award winning magician, Paul Nathan (HBO, MTV, Start Trek Voyager, GOP's Quilitz) performs this unique show one night only for a limited number of very special guests. Martin Mall joins the fun then heads to GOP theater in München to open the new show Licht gestalten.

This show is special because everyone is underwater, the magicians and the guests. This is the only magic show that is so thrilling you can die just from watching it. Paul and Martin have performed all over the face of the earth. Last year they even performed above it with their Skydiving Magic Show. This year they challenge their skills in an environment that ruins playing cards, makes props sticky or slippery (whichever is most inconvenient at the time), causes fingers to prune, and can kill you.

für Deutsch klicken Sie hier:

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Get your tickets to the show:Dive 4 Life is Germany's top indoor dive spot

For reservations contact:

Dive 4 Life
Zeithstr. 110   
53721 Siegburg

$1,000 challenge

Doing magic underwater takes years of practiceThe world's best magic show just got better. Bring a deck of your own cards and Paul will do any magic trick in the show with them or give you a grand. That's right, if Paul does it underwater he will do it for you on dry land with your deck or pay.

Conditions for the thousand dollar challenge:

The specifics of the challenge are simple, reasonable, and fair. Paul will perform or repeat any of the best magic tricks in the show with any deck presented to him provided it is ungimmicked, standard size, and in reasonable condition. If Paul can not perform or repeat any trick in the show with the pro-offered deck he will arrange for the immidiate transfer of $1,000 to the challenger. With this in mind, we will accept without question or condition any standard sealed poker or bridge sized deck (so long as the cards don't stick together). Paul reserves the right to refuse any open deck for any reason (like sticky cards, missing cards, ripped, broken, or mutilated cards).

The only exception to this challenge is CardToon, which uses a standard deck with drawings on every card. Obviously this deck is prepared and we make no claims otherwise.

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